Friday, July 4, 2014

Why and When to Optimize your Brand

Brand optimization is vital in helping your brand adapt to changes in today’s ultra-competitive business environment. Constant innovation in the field of business is almost mandatory for survival and success, and brand optimization is one of the ways to stay ahead of the competition. Here are a few pointers on why and when you should optimize your brand.

Why? Brand optimization is a narrowly focused, carefully positioned technique crafted to connect your product or brand with specific audiences. It aims to get the target market to find you or your product when they’re looking for it. An optimized brand presents key messages and evokes vivid images, which places your audience where you need them to be—captivated enough and drawn to what you have to say or offer.  They inquire, join, refer, click through, enroll, or buy. It’s called the point of choice.

When? Optimize your brand when the image you’re trying to convey for your brand isn’t clear. The message you had put out may not have been negative, but neither was the brand seen as stronger or better than its competitors. Unless promptly addressed, this lack of an effective identity or brand recognition can only perpetuate uncertainty or lack of confidence in the brand’s authority among prospective customers.

Optimize your brand, too, if the image is tarnished—and do it quickly! Letting it go unaddressed might only lead to a downward spiral that might even be tougher to handle or to fix. If people do not distinguish your brand from others, then your market position is compromised, and that it looks like the strategies you employed until then have failed to establish a single, recognizable identity for your brand.