Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Brand Optimization: Making Full Use of YouTube

A lot of businesses now have their own YouTube channels to showcase their products or services, as well as get word out on upcoming promos. Marketing on YouTube can get real challenging, however, considering that the site hosts hundreds of corporate channels. Getting your channel to stand out in this arena needs the services skilled brand optimization specialists along several key areas.
We, The Good People At…
Your business name is vital to achieving recall and recognition among your prospective customers. To that end, use the business name as part of the channel’s official title and incorporate some visual cues that best describe your business into the page. A company description that’s straight to the point yet catchy helps generate interest.
Link Up
It is important that your YouTube business channel forms part of a bigger online presence. Start by inserting links to your main business page on the channel description or the associated videos. Links may also be set up in the video itself as an annotation.
Your channel and videos must have a certain number of video tags to properly identify them. The video description, in particular, must have a call to action and site links as well. The title itself should incorporate the most important keywords.
A branded ‘Tube channel works well for promoting your business. Take full advantage of this avenue to generate buzz and interact with your customers.

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